Spring Is In The Air

We put the Moomba Outback in the water on March 10th, and have been riding several times so far. The winter was so warm, that some of us are skipping the whole wet suit or spring suit stage and going straight to just a top.

There are some awesome pictures on there way of Stewart doing some great backrolls and 360s, Nick doing awesome kick flips, and me doing some cuts for a few seconds before I’m tired and out of breath. Hey, it was my first time of the season, I’m still getting back in shape.

In other news, we have a bill in front of SGA for some funding, we have a few members going to OWC for spring break.

The College of Charleston tournament is coming up on the 24th, email David if you’re interested (see the list emails.) Our tournament is coming up on April 14th – and it’s going to be at Whitestone Lake Estates.

Have a great Spring Break – check the email list for trips.

Winter 2011-2012

It’s the off-season, we’ll be waiting until early march to get the boats back in the water. In the meantime, make sure that you’re staying fit and consider going snow skiing at the Mid-winter meeting.

Boat Show

The Atlanta Boat Show was at the Georgia World Congress Center January 12th-15th. Unfortunately, the wake show (which was going to use overhead cables instead of the grinch) was canceled after one of the 100,000 gallon pools collapsed.

Many of the club checked out some of the newest lineups and we ran into friends – alumni, prior competition, and promo boat drivers.

SAC Mid-Winter Meeting

The conference midwinter meeting is scheduled for the weekend of February 3-5 in Boone, NC. Before the meeting, we’ll go hit the slopes!

The meeting consists of helping decide on the organization of the SAC for the upcoming season, including electing a new Board of Directors, tournament bid acceptance, scholarship distribution policy, and more. If you want to get in the snow and more involved, contact Michael for more information.

First Meeting, Fall 2011

Thanks to everybody who came out to our first meeting, we hope you enjoyed the pizza and redbull. We discussed numerous things including getting some current members to step up into new positions.

  • Tournament for Sept 10th 2011
    To be hosted at Whitestone Lake Estates in Talking Rock, Ga. It looks like we have almost a full team of men, but we have plenty of room on the B team for more (and for a full women’s team)
  • How the Club Works
    Join the mailing list at http://lists.gatech.edu and you’ll see a list of trips that drivers have signed up for. ¬†Give them a call and let them know.
  • Introduction to the leadership and drivers
    Stewart is the President,
    Josh Deeves is the Treasurer,
    More positions to follow on the about page.