1. How Do I Get Involved?
    Sign up for the club on orgsync, then sign the waiver on imleagues
    Then attend some meeting or reply to a post on the Facebook Group.
  2. What if I can’t ski?
    Then join the club – and we’ll teach you! Many people that join the club don’t know how to ski, or are very much beginners. Members of the club will teach you to ski, and teach you to kneeboard, wakeboard, barefoot, slalom, trick ski… etc. It’s an excellent way to learn because a lot of us have taught and been taught a variety of different ways.
  3. Do I need any special equipment?
    No, the club pretty much has everything you need. We have two ski boats (kept at the lakes in wet dock ready to go), a number of skis, wakeboards, knee boards, slalom skis, trick skis, an air chair, a training boom for barefooting, vests, ropes, gas cans, etc. (More information about our equipment). You really only need a swim suit and a towel.
  4. How often can I go skiing?
    As often as you like, As long as there is a trained / qualified driver going.
  5. How does the club operate? How do I know when I can go ski?
    • At the meetings, the drivers sign up for all the times during the week (Friday through the following Thursday) that they will be going to the lake. Typically, there are trips on the weekend mornings and afternoons, and other trips throughout the week.
    • Any time that a driver is going, club members can go along. Trips typically begin at the CRC, and people share rides to lake Allatoona. Trips usually last 3-6 hours, depending on schedules and sunlight.
  6. How busy is the club? How many people ski?
    There are about 20 people in the club during any given semester, but only about a quarter that number actually ski on a weekly basis due to other activities. Typically 3-6 people go out on the boat on any trip.
  7. How much does it cost?
    $75 dues for the semester and the split cost of gas to fill up the boat (about $10). Dues contribute to the clubs accounts to pay for maintenance, equipment, and expenses.
  8. Leadership
    Our leaders are called drivers as they are responsible for each boating trip. Leaders help plan and market our events and club and maintain the boats. To become a driver you must complete the following:

    • Boating Safety Test by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.
    • The club written test (a test on our policies and procedure, and some boating safety.
    • An on the water test where you manage a trip (getting the keys, leading to the lake, safe boating and watersports towing, and docking.
    • Exhibiting leadership characteristics and participating in club activities.

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