The club has all of the equipment you need to get started with watersports, including:

  • Skis
    The club has multiple combo and slalom skis that will provide a good experience from beginners to people running the course.

    • 67″ Connelly Concept (RTP and Wiley Large)
    • 65″ Connelly Allure
    • Kidder Trick Skis
  • Wakeboards
    The club has multiple wakeboards that will fit any shoe size above size 6.

    • 2012 Liquid Force Harley 135 – Guys
    • 2012 Liquid Force Luna 132 – Girls
  • Ropes
    The club uses Straight Line ropes for all of its towing needs. We have the black competition series slalom ropes, the white 16 strand jump ropes. For wakeboarding, we have both coated and non coated non-stretch ropes.
  • Other
    For fun we also have an air chair, knee boards, surf boards, a barefoot boom, and more.
  • Boats
    If you are new to watersports and the club, don’t worry about which boat you try first. Many of our members enjoy all types of sports behind each boat. As you gain more experience you may develop your own preference as well,

    • The club skis behind a 2008 Moomba Outback¬†provided through the club Alumni, Georgia Tech SGA, and Atlanta Marine. The Outback is an AWSA tournament approved 3 event ski boat with Perfect Pass Stargazer.
    • Wakeboarders in the club currently ride behind a 2007 Tige 20v¬†with a wakeboard tower, stock ballast tanks, and up to 1600lbs of extra bags.

Personal Items
Because of the club nature where all club equipment is shared, we suggest bringing your own wet suits and gloves that you will probably want as you go out on the water more. Eventually, you may want to buy your own life jacket, ski, or wakeboard as well for higher performance.


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