As a sports club, a large portion of our purpose is to compete inter-collegiately. We encourage members to compete with our local 3-Event Waterskiing Conference and in the inter-collegiate wakeboarding tournaments.


As a member of the South Atlantic Conference we have the opportunity to send 10 skiers (5 male and 5 female) to compete in three-event tournaments. There are typically four conference tournaments a semester with a chance to go to the Eastern Regional Championship and National Championship depending on results. The SAC is part of the Eastern Region, which is part of the NCWSA – the national governing body. Last Fall our team ranked 8th in the region. We’re always looking for new competitors.


We have had several members compete in local tournaments (INT, Collegiate Wake Boarding Series). We are hoping to work together with our conference and neighboring schools to have regular events and fun competitions.

Check out . INT is a nationwide organization that puts on tournaments in almost every state.

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