Spring Schedule

Yesterday was our first meeting of the semester, here is some news:

  • Trying to make it easier for new members to join
    Leave your thoughts in the comments section.
  • Boat Sits planned the week after spring break
  • Improving meetings withe agendas and positions
    (and meetings focused around tournament season)

Tournament Schedule

  • March 23 : Auburn Tournament in Tallapoosa, Al
  • April 6th : Rollins Tournament
  • April 13th: GT Tournament, Whitestone, Talking, Rock GA
    We’re hosting this with some coordination with Kennesaw.
    A team and B team skiers welcome.
    It’s about an hour away.
  • April 20th: Possible Clemson Tournament
  • May 18th: All Stars

2 thoughts on “Spring Schedule

  1. Don’t know if this is the proper locale to post my question, but I just got accepted to a PhD program at Georgia Tech and am considering attending. Can you tell me some about the nearby lakes and opportunities for continuing my wakeboarding efforts?

    • Hi. As you can see on the site, we also wakeboard. We practice on Lake Allatoona and the other major public lake is Lake Lanier. There are a couple of 2.0 Cable systems setup for easy wakeboarding if you don’t want to figure out a boat.

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