Christmas Gifts for the Slalom Skier

  • Gas and Free Sets
    Actually getting on the water is one of the best parts of skiing. If it’s warm enough to wet suit it up and put a boat in the water on Christmas Day or New Years, get out

    English: Slalom skier

    English: Slalom skier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • A New 16 Strand Rope (10 section)
    Ropes stretch over time, it always feels better to have an unfaded, new, measured ski rope.
  • Gloves
    We’re skiing hard, and between waterlog, tight grips, and thousands of pounds of resistance, gloves wear out over the years. Talk to your skier to decide between Kevlar and Masterlock Pro Curves.
  • A GoPro
    It’s a lot more awesome when we can share more videos and footage with you. But we probably lost the one we already had to the lake.
  • Something with the new cable park in Acworth

You and your skier might be looking for something else too, let us know in the comments section.



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